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What are the requirements to purchase a permit?

  • 49er ID Card
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Driver's License
  • Proof of vehicle insurance (if it does not appear on registration or has changed)

You can pay by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or 49er Account.

How much is a permit?

Permit Prices

Where can I purchase a permit?

Permits may be purchased online or in the Parking Services Office, the brown building across from McMillan Greenhouse. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM. During Fall and Spring registration, extended hours are available.

What if I have to wait on a financial aid refund before I can buy a permit?

If you're unable to purchase a permit before classes and permit enforcement begins, you may buy a temporary permit at the Parking and Transportation Services Office. Price is $6 per day.

Where can I park if I forget my permit?

Visitor decks and parking meters are good places to park if you are not displaying a valid permit. If you've bought a permit and just forgot it, a temporary permit can be issued at the PaTS Office. Permit holders get up to ten (10) temporary day permits per year at no charge.

What if I'm graduating in December? May I buy a permit for just one semester?

All full-time permits are for the academic year, but if you graduate or withdraw any time before April 15, you can return your permit for a prorated refund. For more information, see the Refund Schedule.

Are permits required on weekends?

Permits are required at all times, but they are currently not enforced after 10:00 PM Friday through 5:00 AM Monday unless it’s a Football home-game weekend (all vehicles must then display a valid UNC Charlotte or Game Day event permit).

What should I do if my permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost, come to the Parking and Transportation Services office for an affidavit and a replacement permit. A $15 replacement fee will be charged.

If permit was stolen, contact police in the area where the theft occurred and bring the police report to the PaTS office. There is no replacement fee for stolen permits when a police report is presented.

Can I use a permit I have found?

No. Permits are registered to a specific person and vehicle. Using a found permit may subject you to fines and other penalties. Return found permits to the PaTS Office or Campus Police.

What should I do if I change cars?

So that you don’t get a ticket for having a permit on a car we don’t know about, contact Parking Services right away so the vehicle can be added to your registration. Just come by the PaTS Office or call 704-687-0161.

What should I do if I temporarily need to drive another car to campus?

In circumstances where you have a rental or need to use another vehicle for a few days, go to the PaTS office, provide us with the substitute vehicle’s information, then get a temporary permit. All UNC Charlotte parking permit holders are allowed to get up to 10 (ten) days’ worth of temporary hangtags per year at no charge.

Are there special permits for motorcycles?

Motorcycles have electronic permits. They can be registered alone or or may be added to a multi-vehicle permit, but only one vehicle registered to that permit is allowed on campus at a time. Please call (704-687-0161) or visit the PaTS Office for further details.

Are there special permits for carpools?

Carpools need to be registered with PaTS; each carpool uses a single permit with multivehicle registration. The carpool permit is allowed 10 (ten) temporary day permits at no charge for those exceptions when a carpool member needs to drive separately. For more information about carpools, please visit or call (704-687-0161) the PaTS office for details. offers free carpool partner matching.

Are permit refunds available if I withdraw from or leave the University?

People who return permits may receive a prorated refund based on the date of purchase and date of return. Night permits may not be refunded after the second week of class that semester. For more information, see the Refund Schedule.

What determines the price of parking permits?

The primary factor that determines permit price is the cost of new deck construction and replacing flat lots with decks. It's expensive to build and maintain new parking facilities necessary to accommodate enrollment and demand. Existing surface lots make way for new buildings; those spaces must be replaced with decks.

How are the proceeds from permits spent?

The majority of the permit proceeds and Visitor Parking fees goes toward:

  • Construction of new decks
  • Paying debt on existing decks
  • Repairs and maintenance of all decks and lots

A small percentage is used for operations such as:

  • Utilities to light the decks and lots
  • Trash collection
  • Cameras
  • Personnel

I've heard that more permits sold than UNC Charlotte has spaces. Is that true?

Yes, and here's why: if permits were sold on a one-decal-to-one-space system, thousands of students would be denied the privilege to park while lots and decks would sit half empty. Few students occupy a space for more than 5 or 6 hours a day. Also, not everyone has classes or works here every day. Therefore, parking spaces turn over constantly. Sure, convenient, close-in parking is at a premium during workweek hours, but so far, Parking and Transportation Services has managed to maintain an acceptable percentage of open spaces most of the time. That's why drastic measures like permit sale limits and excluding freshmen residents from having cars have, so far, been avoided.

Will rates continue to rise?

Yes, that's expected, unless/until demand for parking on campus decreases significantly.

Where do I pay citations?

Citations may be paid by mail or in person at the PaTS Office. Citations paid within 10 (ten) days are automatically reduced by 50% (with the exception of False Registration and parking in a space or accessibility ramp reserved for the disabled). List of citations enforced and violation penalties.

When are parking permits and meters enforced?

Parking permits are required at all times.  Parking meters are enforced and require payment at all times.  All "Reserved" spaces as well as handicapped spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What if I don't agree with the citation?

A written appeal must be filed within ten (10) business days. A response will be mailed to you. An online appeal form is also available for submission. More information along with a list of "seldom granted appeals" can be found at Citations.

What do I need to do if I need to unload something and I need to park near a building or my residence hall?

For short-term loading/unloading, call 704-687-0161 (PaTS Call Center) to request permission and to provide vehicle information and location. You may be given 15 minutes and will be asked to have a licensed driver attend your vehicle.

May I park at a malfunctioning meter?

Sorry, no, you might get a ticket for that. Move your vehicle to another meter and please report the malfunction to Parking Services, 704-687-0161, so that it may be repaired.

Will I lose my parking privileges if I get too many tickets?

Parking Services has the authority to tow or boot a vehicle if citations total four (4) or more or the combination of unpaid deck vouchers and citations total seven (7) or more. All parking privileges will be revoked and your vehicle will remain on the Tow List until the account is cleared.

I wasn't driving my car at the time of the citation, why am I receiving the bill for it?

The person to whom a permit is issued is responsible for parking violations cited to the vehicle for which the permit is issued. If there is no permit, the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible. (Information is obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles.)

How are the proceeds from citations spent?

According to North Carolina law, the University is only allowed to retain 20% of the money collected from parking citations. The remaining 80% must be remitted to the state to support local public schools (elementary, middle and high schools).

The 20% that UNC Charlotte is allowed to keep is earmarked to cover operating costs for parking enforcement. Unfortunately, the cost of the enforcement program significantly exceeds this amount.

Why is is parking so tight when classes first start?

During the first two weeks of class, parking on campus is always challenging, especially at the onset of fall semester. That's because nearly everyone affiliated with UNC Charlotte comes to campus: full-time, part-time, graduate, evening, resident, commuting and even online students need to come on campus to conduct business such as paying tuition and buying textbooks, meal plans and parking permits, even if they're not here for a class. Add to that all the faculty and staff – plus quite a few visiting families and friends – and it's easy to see why it gets so crowded with cars here. But soon schedules settle into a rhythm and more spaces become available.

What can students do to ease parking demands?

Plan for peak times. Based upon how classes are scheduled, the highest demand for parking is Mondays through Thursdays from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM with the greatest pressure on Wednesdays (highest concentration of scheduled classes). If you have classes during that time, either arrive extra early or park in remote locations such as the lower portion of Lot 6 (on Cameron Boulevard by Campus Edge) and take the Campus Shuttle in.

Remember these peak times when registering for classes. If you have the flexibility to take another section of a course at an off-peak time, it's worth considering.

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