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Fall 2012 Empty Space Count Report

UNC Charlotte parking space availability (Fall semester 2012)

"THERE'S NO PLACE TO PARK!" is a common complaint expressed, repeated, Tweeted and re-Tweeted. It is absolutely true that during peak class times, spaces closest to the academic core fill up early and sometimes completely, especially those on the East side of campus; that's where more classrooms — and therefore more people — are.

PaTS and the University do not want available parking to hit an unacceptable percentage. That would force permit sale limits, or class status restrictions like prohibiting freshmen from parking. So every semester, space counts are conducted. Space counts are an important indicator of parking sufficiency and where/when parking is in highest demand. The data is also crucial for future planning.

Counts are done every semester over the course of two weeks. Nancy Smith, Field Operations and Event Parking Manager, says that the data gathering process involves dividing campus into thirds and sending out teams to systematically and physically count every open space at two hour intervals; each area's count takes an hour or less to complete. "We strive to be as accurate as possible," says Smith, "making sure not to count when there are games or special events on campus that could skew the numbers."

Here is the complete report from the Fall 2012 space count:

Fall 2012 Total Space Inventory.pdf

Fall 2012 Space Availabilty Charts.pdf

Fall 2012 Chart Data.pdf

Fall 2012 Total Space Pie Charts.pdf

Fall 2012 Student Breakdown Charts.pdf

Fall 2012 Average Summary.pdf

Fall 2012 Student Breakdown.pdf

Fall 2012 10am Averages.pdf

Fall 2012 12pm Averages.pdf

Fall 2012 2pm Averages.pdf

Fall 2012 4pm Averages.pdf

Fall 2012 6pm Averages.pdf

Fall 2012 Count-Monday.pdf

Fall 2012 Count-Tuesday.pdf

Fall 2012 Count-Wednesday.pdf

Fall 2012 Count-Thursday.pdf

Fall 2012 Count-Friday.pdf

Fall 2012 Count Sheet Breakdown.pdf

In summary...

This year's count actually shows UNC Charlotte parking is in pretty good shape; there are consistently over 2,000 spaces available, even during peak times. Are many of those spots in East 2, Union or West decks or other close-in, prime-convenience, locations? No! But there is adequate parking, with plenty to spare. Smith notes, "The opening of CRI Deck 1 has added over 1,000 spaces to daily the inventory."

Until that deck opened last September, parking at CRI was extremely limited. So take heart, high-rise residents; when the South Village Deck opens next year, there will be more than enough for you, too!



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