UNC Charlotte Football Parking

Because Jerry Richardson Stadium is located on campus, the parking management strategy is designed to make the game-day experience enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Here’s what you can expect

  • Parking on campus will be at a premium for all six football home games (Sept. 16, Sept. 23, Oct. 7, Oct. 21, Nov. 11, Nov. 25).
  • All entrances to campus will be closed five (5) hours prior to kickoff, except for two: Main Entrance off University City Blvd., and East entrance off John Kirk Road.
  • Game-day entrances will be opened four (4) hours prior to kickoff only to Game Day permit holders at the designated entrance for their permit.
  • On the Monday prior to gameday, signs will be placed in all tailgating lots and parking decks as notification that those lots and decks are closed and must be vacated.
  • Vehicles parked in lots designated for Football parking after midnight before a game day will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Single Game Day virtual permits will be available online for Union Deck, West Deck, North Deck and CRI Deck at uncc.clickandpark.com.

Game Day Permits

ALL parking for the game will require a specific Game Day parking permit

  • Single Game Day parking permits are available. Click here for all Single Game parking options.
  • ADA Single Game Parking permits are available. Click here for all ADA Single Game parking options. Both an Orange CRI Deck permit and a State Issued Disability Placard must be presented for admittance.
  • Permits must be printed; no screen shots or digital permits. All parking permits will be collected upon entrance to the parking area; there is no re-entry.
  • When a Game Day permit is obtained through Click and Park, directions to the proper campus entrance will be provided with the permit.
  • FSL holders may purchase pre-printed Game Day parking permits through Athletics. For questions concerning FSL Permits, please contact the Athletic Foundation at 704-687-4950.
  • Employees and volunteers who are working the event will be provided a specific validation code by their supervisor to obtain a permit through Click and Park. Validation codes are game-specific and may be used only once.
  • Cash parking will be available in Cone Deck (Pink) for $20 per vehicle.
  • ADA Parking permits will be available through Click and Park for CRI Deck. (Both an Orange CRI ADA Game Day Permit and a State Issued Disability Placard must be presented for admittance.)
  • Parking permits will be scanned or collected upon entry to the parking area; re-entry is not permitted.

Student Tailgating and Parking

  • Student tailgating is in designated student lots and available on a first come, first-served basis.
  • Students must go online to Click and Park the Tuesday prior to game day, to obtain a student tailgating permit using their student ID number as a validation code. There is no charge for a student tailgating permit. 
  • When student tailgating permits are issued to capacity, students must park in South Village Deck using their student parking permit.
  • Students who do not have a parking permit will be required to park in East 1 Visitor Deck or South Village Deck and pay the associated Visitor fee.
  • Students needing ADA Parking may obtain an Orange ADA permit for CRI Deck in lieu of the Silver tailgating permit. (Only one permit will be issued per game; you can’t have both.) Both an Orange CRI Deck ADA Permit and a State Issued Disability Placard must be presented for admittance.

Non-football parking information

  • East Deck 2, East Deck 3, and South Village Deck will be open to those with a valid UNC Charlotte parking permit but are not attending the football game.
  • Faculty/Staff, Commuter or Resident permits will not be valid in any parking decks or lots designated for football parking.
  • Faculty/Staff reserved spaces in game day lots will be used for football parking for home games. Reserved spaces are not valid in football-designated lots on home game days.
  • East Deck 1 and South Village Deck will be the non-game Visitor parking area. Gates will be down and established Visitor rates will apply.

Additional information for Resident students

  • Resident Lots 25 and Lot 21 are designated for Football parking will not be effected by football. All vehicles parked in Lots 25 and 21 must be moved by midnight, the evening before a home game. Vehicles not moved will be towed at the owner’s expense. Alternate parking is any other R-designated Lot or Deck.
  • No other resident student lots are affected by football.
  • Tell friends/relatives who plan to visit you on home game Saturdays that they will be required to park in East Deck 1 or South Village Deck visitor parking and pay the normal visitor fee of $5 for 1st hour and $2 for each additional hour; $15 maximum, unless they have a game day prepaid permit, or park in the cash lot at Cone Center.

ADA Shuttle to Stadium

  • ADA shuttle will run multiple trips between Orange CRI Deck and the stadium.
  • Shuttle stops at the Orange CRI Deck bus lane, accessible from Level 4 of Orange CRI Deck, and Gate 1 of the stadium.
  • Shuttle runs from one hour before game time through game start, and from the third quarter of the game through one hour after game end.
  • If you have a tailgating permit for a location other than Orange CRI Deck and need access to the ADA Shuttle, please let the attendant at your tailgating area know.

Disability Drop-Off

  • If necessary, personal vehicles may drop off passengers with disabilities at the stadium before proceeding to the parking area
  • For disability drop-off, enter campus at N. Tryon (Hwy. 29) and Institute Circle. Notify the police officer that you need to access the disability drop-off area for the stadium and the officer will direct you.
  • There is no exit and re-entry permitted from parking areas, so please ensure that drop-off is completed before entering the parking area.
  • When you are ready to pick up your passengers, exit your designated parking area as directed by traffic control officials and re-enter campus at N. Tryon (Hwy. 29) and Institute Circle to request access to the disability pick-up area.
  • Alternately, consider use of the free ADA shuttle to the stadium. Details above.