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Hertz on Demand™

Rent by the hour or by the day, Hertz On Demand™ is the most affordable way.

Hertz on Demand at UNC Charlotte Hertz on Demand offers qualified drivers, ages 18 years and up, environmentally friendly vehicles to rent at a low rate – by the hour or the day. Members access cars using a Smart Card and only pay for the time they rent the car.


  • GAS
  • INSURANCE, including coverage for the car
  • GPS Navigation
  • iPod Adaptor (Auxiliary Cord)
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance
  • Support of a 24-hour In-house Member Care Center
  • In-car communication (reach the Member Care Center with the touch of a button)

Connect by Hertz Prius

Two Nissan Altima hybrid sedans are parked on campus and available to you for only $9.50/hr or $68 per day. Or drive a Chevrolet Equinox for just $10 per hour or $75 per day. There's no enrollment fee for UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff!

JOIN — it's free!

  1. Sign up online
  2. Upon acceptance, member will receive an Access Card, PIN, and a member number enabling them to use Hertz on Demand cars located on campus and other locations.


  • Reserve Online or call 877‑654‑4400
  • Members choose from a list of vehicle locations and block out
    the period of time they will need a vehicle


  • Member must have a reservation to activate Access Card
  • Hold Access Card over the card reader to unlock the vehicle
  • Start the car by using the ignition key found in the docking station in the console or glove compartment


  • Pick up the car in the reserved parking area


  • Members must return the vehicle to the reserved on-campus parking spot where it was picked up

Here's What You'll Save

If a UNC Charlotte student drives an average of 5 hours a week:
Operating Cost (average per month) Owning Connect
Gas $107 $0
Maintenance/Tires $45 $0
Subtotal $152 $0

Ownership Costs (average per months)
Insurance (full coverage) $80 $0
License, Regristration, Taxes $48 $0
Depreciation $283 $0
Finance Charge $66 $0
Subtotal $477 $0

Non-Ownership Costs (average per month)
UNC Charlotte Parking Permit $53 $0
Membership Fee $0 $0
Rental Fee $0 *$207
Subtotal $53 $207
Total $682 $207


* Based on rental of a Nissan Altima Hybrid at $9.50/hr x 5 hrs/wk x 4.348 wks/month)
Does not include NC sales tax

Complimentary membership in Hertz on Demand has been made possible through a partnership with UNC Charlotte Parking and Transportation Services (PaTS). For terms and conditions that apply to membership in Hertz on Demand and use of Hertz on Demand cars, please visit Hertz on Demand. Hertz on Demand is a trademark of Hertz System, Inc. © 2011 The Hertz Corporation.


Parking Services /
Transportation Office


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PaTS Office (#23 campus map)

Office Hours

Mon-Fri, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Call Center Hours

Mon-Thu, 6:00 am – 1:00 am; Friday 6:00 am - 5:00 pm


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PDF icon Parking Ordinance


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