Daytime Disability Service 

During daytime hours, SafeRide provides scheduled and on-demand disability transport throughout the inner core of campus for those with mobility impairments who are registered for the service. In order to reliably accommodate the population SafeRide is designed to serve, daytime disability transport requests must be prearranged. Requests are processed and transport is scheduled quickly, usually within 24 hours. 
SafeRide vehicles will get as close as possible to an accessible entrance, but will drive and park only on paved pathways.
  • Monday ā€“ Friday, 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • On-demand calls for registered riders are available by contacting the SafeRide Dispatcher at 704-687-5636.

SafeRide is also available to those who need assistance on a temporary basis (such as recent surgery, lower limb injuries, visual impairments or chronic diseases that impact stamina). This is arranged through the Office of Disability Services, Fretwell 230 (704-687-0040). After completion of the required form, Disability Services will verify and send email confirmation of eligibility (usually processed within 24 hours or less).

University personnel who plan to bring visitors with the need for SafeRide are strongly urged to contact Parking and Transportation Services' SafeRide line in advance to secure services: 704-687-5636.

SafeRide Transport Request

SafeRide Disability Medical Verification Request

SafeRide for the Deaf

International symbol for DeafnessDeaf persons who require Saferide may email their request to A sound is attached to the email when SafeRide dispatch receives it to expedite response and schedule pick up.

SafeRide Evening Safety Transport

SafeRide makes getting around campus safer, faster and easier for everyone after dark, providing reliable transportation throughout campus. SafeRide's evening safety transport picks up those waiting at marked stops on a continuous loopoing route. Vehicles keep moving and do not arrive or depart at set times.

  • Seven days a week, 6:00 PM to 2:00 AM, open to everyone
  • SafeRide Evening Safety Transport route map

Stop List

1.   Student Union
2.   Miltimore Hall
3.   Wallis Hall
4.   Whiterspoon Lot 20
5.   Maple Hall
6.   Hickory Hall
7.   North Deck
8.   Motorsports/Robert Snyder
9.   CRI Deck
10. Duke Hall
11. EPIC
12. SAC/Woodward/Loading Dock
13. South Village Deck
14. MSU Lot
15. Reese Curb
16. Lot 7 / Belk Gym
17. South Village Deck
18. MSU Lot
19. Robinson Hall
20. East Deck 1
21. Lot 5A
22. Lot 6
23. Lot 6A
24. Greek Village South
25. Greek Village North
26. Hawthorn Hall
27. Fretwell
28. Atkins Library/Library Lane

NextRide app iconWant to know when the next SafeRide van will arrive? Download the UNCCNextRide app for real-time GPS tracking information or text your stop to receive an expected arrival time. More about NextRide