UNC Charlotte has Zipcar

ZipcarZipcar logo is the leading car-sharing network with operations in urban areas and college campuses across the world. At UNC Charlotte, Zipcar has four cars parked on campus for students, faculty, and staff to use.

The basics: rates and fees:

  • Cars are self-service and on-demand (keys are right inside the cars).
  • Four cars are parked and ready to go in two locations on campus. Two are parked in Lot 19 (beside the Student Union) and two are parked in 8A (South Village).
  • Gas, insurance, maintenance and 180 miles/day are included in every reservation!
  • UNC Charlotte students, faculty, and staff join for only $15.00*.
  • Reservations start at $7.50/hour and $69.00 per day.

*First annual fee is discounted by $20.00 (thanks to Ford). Subsequent annual fees are $35.00.

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