Parking Permits

Permits are required to park any time the University is open.
If you do not have a permit, you must pay to park in a visitor area

Click here to purchase a permit

Permission to park is virtual 

Parking privileges are assigned to your UNCCMyPark account (based on your status in the University) and verified through license plate information (LPR). Equipment installed at decks and lots will scan the plate as a vehicle enters and exits. If there is a gate, it will be signaled to lift; if LPR fails for any reason, your new 49er ID Card serves as a secondary credential – just tap your card at the equipment column and hold until it beeps. In lots without gates, the system recognizes vehicles with virtual permits and enforcement is alerted when cars are parked without permission.

Permit Prices for 2019/2020

Prices are subject to change without notice

*Premium Access includes: Cone Decks 1 and 2, Faculty/Staff levels; Union Deck upper levels; East Deck 1; Lot 15 (Burson Lot)

** During summer (May 21-August 14) discount remote parking permits may be upgraded to Commuter permissions, allowing access to all yellow and orange lots and decks, for a $30 fee. 

Regular Permits


Full Year (beginning with Fall semester; Commuter, Resident, Center City, Faculty/Staff) $480
Two-Day Commuter (per semester; M/W, T/Th, or other two-day combination*) $205
Partial Year (Fall or Spring Semester; Commuter, Resident, Center City, Faculty/Staff) $300
Partial Year (Both Summer Sessions; Commuter, Resident, Center City, Faculty/Staff) $195
Night (per semester; Student only) $160
Premium Gate Access* (Faculty/Staff only) $160
Daily Temporary Permit (online at $8
Discount Remote Parking**
Money-saving options for Commuters and Faculty/Staff who are willing to park farther out. Quantities limited.
Lot 6A (corner of John Kirk and Cameron) Served by Niner Transit Silver. Available to Commuters and Faculty/Staff $360
Lot 27 (Alumni Way, near Harris Alumni Center) A walk-in lot. Available to Commuters and Faculty/Staff $225
 North Deck  Full year; available to Commuters only $360
North Deck Partial Year Fall or Spring semester; available to Commuters only $230
Motorcycle/Moped Permits
Full Year (in designated motorcycle/moped parking) $125
Partial Year (beginning Spring; in designated motorcycle/moped parking) $78
Partial Year (beginning Summer; in designated motorcycle/moped parking) $52

Front plate iconFront plate option for those who back in to park

LPR management requires a clear license plate view, so unless your tags are from a state that issues both front and back plates, you may not back in to a parking space. However, if that’s a preference you wish to keep, you may purchase an alternative front plate from from Parking and Transportation Services (PaTS). 

This alternative plate will have your state-issued license plate number printed on it and be readable by the LPR technology. The price is $20. You do not have to pay to renew the plate when your permit expires. It is good as long as your state-issued rear plate number remains the same and the front plate is readable by the LPR system.

To order a front plate, email with the subject line “Front plate” AFTER you have ordered your permit. Be sure to include the license plate numbers(s) of the vehicle(s) to which you are adding the front plate(s). You will then be notified by email when the option to pay for the front plate(s) is available in the MyPark portal. Front plates may be picked up at the PaTS office after you receive notification of its arrival. 

In order to have your plate(s) ready before classes begin, order your permit by Aug. 1. Otherwise, you won’t be able to back in until you receive your plate. (Turn-around time is 7-10 business days.)

Unable to buy a permit at this time?

There's now a better alternative to paying the hourly rate in a Visitor's area. ​For those who need to delay purchase of a full-time permit or only need to park on campus occasionally, daily permits are available for $8.00 per day. You may purchase daily permits for as many days you need.


Click here to purchase a permit

What you need to purchase a permit online

  • Your NinerNet login (user name and password)

  • State-issued vehicle license plate number and vehicle information for the car you plan to park on campus. (This MUST be accurate. If you’re unsure of the vehicle information, please wait to register until you know.)

  • Debit/credit card information

What you need to purchase a permit in person (via cash or check)

  • Your UNC Charlotte 49er ID

  • Vehicle registration card

  • If your vehicle is registered in a state other than North Carolina, proof of insurance must also be shown


For more information about Parking and Transportation at UNC Charlotte, watch the video below.