Summer Permits

Permit prices for summer 2021

Prices are subject to change without notice

**Premium Access includes: Cone Decks 1 and 2, Faculty/Staff levels; Union Deck upper levels; CRI 3; East Deck 1; Lot 15 (Burson Lot)

Permit type


Full-Time Permit (Commuter, Resident, Center City, Faculty & Staff) $195 (summer semester) / $120 (summer session)
Part-Time Permit (Faculty & Staff assigned to work up to 29 hours per week only) $83 (summer semester)
Discount Lot 6 (Faculty & Staff) $140 (summer semester)
Discount North Deck (Commuter) $140 (summer semester)
Discount Lot 27 $78 (summer semester)
Night Permit Full Summer $98 (summer semester)
Premium Gate Access** (Faculty & Staff only) $78 (summer semester) in addition to standard permit
Motorcycle/moped $52 (summer semester)
Daily Temporary Permits  $8
Discount permit upgrade $30 in addition to discount permit to upgrade to standard parking for the summer semester