Parking for Campus Visitors

Visitors to UNC Charlotte have the following parking options:

Visitor Parking Decks: Pay When You Leave

There are five visitor decks on campus: Cone Deck (Rooftop); Union Deck (levels 4-6); East Deck 1; CRI Deck; South Village Deck (level 1).

Visitor Deck Parking Fees

$5 First hour (or any part of hour)
$2 Each additional hour
$15 Maximum for daily
$20 Lost ticket fee
All rates subject to change

Visitors decks accept validated tickets or cash and credit card payments at pay-on-foot stations.

How Visitor Deck pay-on-foot stations work

  • Take a timed ticket at entrance gate. Keep ticket with you, not in your car. (Lost ticket or no form of payment incurs $20 fee.)
  • While returning to your car, insert the timed ticket into the pay-on-foot station, and pay the amount due indicated on the screen. Cash (no coins) and card payments accepted. Ticket will be credited, allowing 10 minutes to return to vehicle and go to exit lane.
  • Pay-on-foot station locations: Cone Visitor Deck, top level; Union Visitor Deck, levels 4 and 6; East Deck 1, level 1; South Village Deck, level 3; and CRI Deck 1, levels 1 and 4.
  • To exit, visitors will put the validated ticket into an exit verifier to open the gate.

If a department is paying for the visitor’s parking

  • Department gives the visitor a validated ticket.
  • Visitor does not need to go to the Pay Station; they may proceed directly to their vehicle and place the validated ticket in the exit verifier.

The number of visitors will be controlled by counting equipment. This control will enable Parking and Transportation Services to leave adequate parking for Faculty and Staff entering the deck.

Metered and Pay-by-Plate Parking

For short visits, there is metered parking in many areas all around campus. Metered parking is limited and fills quickly.

  • Pay-by-plate parking is available in Lot 4, Lot 30 (time limited), and Lot 28 (ADA only).
  • Pay Stations accept coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 coins) and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
  • Vehicles with valid permits have to pay if parked at meters or in pay-by-space areas.
  • It is the operator's responsibility to know the time limit on the meters. The time limit varies for meters from one location to another but limits are posted on the meter, under the timer or on the sign at the front of the space in pay-by-space areas.
  • Parking in these areas is enforced 24/7, except when the University is closed.
  • Do not park at meters reading “OUT OF ORDER.” Report malfunctions to 704-687-0161.

How Pay-by-Plate stations work

  • The best way to pay is via smartphone with the Parkmobile app. Parkmobile can send an alert when your allotted time is nearing an end and time can be extended through the app.
  • For coin/card payment: Note the stall number on the sign at the front of the parking space and immediately proceed to the Pay Station. Follow the instructions on the screen, entering their stall number and insert payment when prompted. You'll receive a receipt slip showing the expiry time of the stall – you must move their vehicle prior to this time or return to the Pay Station to pay for more time.

Meter Prices

$2.50 30 minutes
All rates subject to change


Visitor Parking Map

thumbnail image of visitor parking map

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Parking for Visitors with Disabilities

ADA Visitor parking is located:

  • Lot 28 (by Robinson Hall) and and Lot 30 (by Reese); pay-by-plate with Parkmobile or pay-by-space with physical Pay Station.
  • East Deck 1, Union Deck, Cone Deck, CRI Deck, South Village Deck; all with pay-on-foot stations.