Mobile Payment for Visitor Parking

Mobile Payment parking sign


The ParkMobile payment app allows visitors to pay for parking, extend a metered parking time, receive time expiration alerts and view receipts. There is no need to use the parking meter in the lot. You will not need to display a receipt in your windshield or pay at a pay station or meter. 

Download ParkMobile from Google Play, Apple's App Store or Microsoft Store. ​

There are no refunds for​ ParkMobile transactions.


Mobile payment has been established in the following locations:

  • Lot 4 (app only payment)
  • Lot 28 (app only payment)
  • Lot 30 (app only payment)
  • Robinson Hall Lot (app and meter payment)
  • Lot 13 (app and meter payment)
  • Lot 16 (app and meter payment)
  • Lot 20 (app and meter payment)
  • Lot 21 (app and meter payment)
  • Greek Village (any unrestricted space in lot) (app only payment)

Visitor Parking Map

How to get started with ParkMobile

Read the instructions below or view a video tutorial for iPhone or a video tutorial for Android devices.

Download the ParkMobile app at Google Play, Apple's App Store or Microsoft Store and register for free.
Once registered, use the app to enter in the zone number listed on the signs and stickers to start a parking session.
Parkmobile screenshot: Select your Parking Zone
Choose the duration you wish to park.
Parkmobile screenshot: Select parking time duration
Confirm your information, including location, license plate number, time and cost.
Parkmobile screenshot: Confirm your information
A ticker will appear, counting down the time remaining. In some locations, you may extend your time remotely. That’s it! You can also opt-in to receive a reminder 15 minutes prior to your parking expiring and extend time remotely.
Parkmobile screenshot: Review remaining parking time

Using ParkMobile without a smartphone

If you do not have a smartphone, you can use ParkMobile through an automated phone system. The number you can call to pay for your parking is located on the ParkMobile signs or meter stickers in your parking area.