Parking and Transportation Tips and Changes - Spring 2019

What’s Most Important to Know about Campus Parking

  • UNC Charlotte parking permits are required to park anytime the University is open and are enforced on the first day of class. If you have not already done so, purchasing online is the easiest way to get your permit. Permits are virtual so there is nothing to pick up.
  • Parking privileges are assigned to your UNCCMyPark account (based on the type of permit you buy) and verified through license plate recognition (LPR). Equipment installed at decks and lots will scan your plate as you enter and exit. If there is a gate, it will be signaled to lift.
  • If LPR fails for any reason, your 49er ID Card serves as a secondary credential – just tap and hold your card on the equipment column. 

If you're not yet able to purchase a permit

  • If you do not have a permit, you must pay to park in a Visitor parking area. If you only need to park for an hour or two, Union, Cone, East 1, South Village, or CRI decks or Lot 4 pay-by-plate have designated short-term visitor parking. Visitor parking map
  • You may also buy temporary daily permits for $8.00/day that allow you to park in any Commuter area (yellow or orange lots and decks).

Prefer paying via cash or check?

If you do not wish to order a permit online or need assistance with your purchase, please go to the PaTS office at 9643 Poplar Lane (Building 92)

Parking Changes for Spring 2019

Commuter Parking Returns to South Village Deck

  • During the fall, PaTS limited parking in the South Village Parking Deck to Faculty, Staff and Resident Students in an effort to accommodate the peak number of occupied residence hall room in the South Village area. After evaluating spring occupancy, Commuter permits will once again be allowed in South Village Parking Deck at all times.

Niner Transit Bus Service

Niner Transit serves campus until 2 a.m. (even on the weekends)!

  • Niner Transit is fare-free to all UNC Charlotte students, faculty/staff and visitors. Bus stop lists and route maps are available online.
  • Niner Transit buses have two doors. So that buses may load/unload safely and efficiently, the front door is for passengers getting on the bus; all disembarking is done through the back door. (Except disability assistance riders)
  • No eating, or drinking allowed on the bus.
  • You may not eat or drink on the bus. Any food or beverage brought onto a bus must be spill proof. (Example, a disposable cup with a lid and straw does not qualify as spill proof.)
  • Real-time GPS tracking for Niner Transit and Niner Paratransit (disability transportation) is available via smartphone or website with the UNCC NextRide app (FREE at Android and iOS app stores) or
  • Niner Transit bus service ending times may vary due to inclement weather and holidays. Stay up to date on changes with the PaTS website.

Parking Tips

  • You must park “head-in” with your license plate visible from the drive lane. You cannot back into a space unless your vehicle is registered in a state that issues both front and back plates, or you have purchased the front plate alternative from PaTS.
  • Typically, parking demand is exceptionally high during the first two weeks of fall semester, particularly at Union Deck. Plan to either arrive before 8:00 a.m. or park in a lot toward the margins of campus and utilize Niner Transit to move around campus.
  • Digital and printed signage will be posted at various locations throughout campus during the first week of school, letting you know what parking is available. Please pay attention to these signs as they will save you a lot of time and effort, directing you to the proper parking. You may also use the newly launched Parking Availability tool to help plan your trip to campus and identify parking decks that have available spaces ahead of time.
  • Parking is expected to be especially tight between Wednesday, Jan. 9 and Friday, Jan. 11, due to the first full days of classes.
  • Be prepared. Have a plan in mind for alternative parking if your first preference is full when you arrive. Parking map
  • Don’t circle a full lot or deck! That only adds to traffic congestion in or near parking decks and lots. Move to a lower-demand area such as North Deck or CRI Deck. There are bus stops nearby for transportation to the center of campus if you don’t wish to walk.
  • More parking tips

Traffic Tips

  • Peak traffic times are 7:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Follow @unccparking on Twitter. PaTS uses Twitter to inform of detours, delays, and other relevant information. For those who don’t use Twitter, the same information is fed directly to the PaTS homepage.
  • If leaving campus between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., avoid exiting to John Kirk Drive by way of Van Landingham Road near Fretwell. Try using Mary Alexander Road to Mallard Creek Church Road or the bottom level of East Deck 2 that exits to Rt. 49 South (University City Blvd). 
  • If arriving on campus between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., avoid the John Kirk Drive entrance at Van Landingham Road (near the Circle K). Instead, enter campus by using Cameron Blvd., the front entrance, Mary Alexander Road, or the bottom level of East Deck 2 from 49 South (University City Blvd.). 
  • All shuttles from off-campus housing complexes must load and unload passengers at the bus loop of East Deck 2 only. Students utilizing private shuttle services are advised to leave early due to campus congestion during the first two weeks of classes.

UNC Charlotte Center City Parking 

  • A windshield decal is no longer required to park at Center City. Parking enforcement will be done by License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology.
  • Student parking at Center City requires specific parking credentials which will be assigned to those registered for classes at that location. Type of permit required is determined by class schedule as listed in Banner.
  • Permanent faculty and staff may add Center City parking privileges to a F/S parking permit. Center City permits are correspondingly valid on main campus.
  • More about parking at Center City Campus

Disability Parking and Transportation

  • Parking for individuals with mobility impairments is available on campus ONLY to those who have a DMV-issued disability placard and a valid UNC Charlotte Parking Permit registered to them.
  • Niner Paratransit (formerly SafeRide ADA) provides disability transport for those with mobility impairments who have registered for the service, which is available Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 a.m. Services require registration through the Office of Disability Services and completion of a Disability Medical Verification Request form. Niner Paratransit is also available to those who need assistance on a temporary basis. More about Niner Paratransit
  • Scheduling in advance is highly recommended.

Everything you need to know about parking and transportation at UNC Charlotte in less than 10 minutes: